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unfinished-hardwood-flooring-lowes unfinished hardwood flooring lowes

unfinished hardwood flooring lowes – More often than not we wind up suggesting they go down the engineered path and then being asked exactly the same item, ‘why select an engineered wood floor on a solid oak floor and does it really feel and look as beautiful?’ We’re writing this guide to briefly outline the principal benefits of our engineered hardwood floors and why now so many men and women are selecting the engineered over the standard solid oak flooring. Throughout this article I will write with reference to some top quality engineered oak flooring with multiple layers of ply wood beneath center and a thick, long lasting wear layer. I can’t speak on behalf of all engineered hardwood flooring as they differ hugely in quality and price. In most cases you will need to check thoroughly the specifications of this item on offer.

A quality engineered board will be composed of around 10 layers of multicolored laminated birch ply wood. These layers are stuck in opposite directions using a moisture resistant adhesive and this provides the flooring an immense amount of firmness. We have been asked before by customers who have researched the marketplace how powerful the adhesive is because they’ve heard of stories of engineered wood flooring de-laminating. However in the event that you go for a quality engineered wood flooring you may even gone as far as to boil a piece of our flooring for half an hour and the board still won’t de-laminate. The 15mm ply wood beneath center is what provides the floors the durability and equilibrium is has. Oak is a pure product and when used for flooring the board widths can change in proportion. This may result in gaps between boards or the ground to buckle and this movement is most frequently caused by the shifting of humidity in the environment. Because of the equilibrium of a quality engineered oak floor it’s much less prone to this movement. This equilibrium is also becoming of greater importance today on account of the fact that an increasing number of houses are getting below floor heating systems installed, which naturally causes a frequent change in humidity. Having said this I’d again like to emphasise that I am writing in regards to some quality, higher spec engineered bamboo floor, and I can’t talk for all engineered wood flooring.

Let us move onto another reason why engineered hardwood floors is now classed as a superior product to some solid oak floor. The chief reason why people will go to get an oak flooring is that they love the timeless all-natural beauty that European oak has to offer you. What a lot of men and women are unaware of is the fact that the upper layer of a great engineered oak flooring is exactly the same quality European oak as you’d find in solid oak flooring. It follows that when it has been laid it looks and feels just the same and more and more customers are saying that they prefer the look of the longer and wider planks which many engineered wood flooring offer. Therefore, a top quality oak engineered floor will look exactly the same but will it really last so long? . Just how long a flooring will last is largely down to something called its ‘wear layer’. The component of the flooring that is classed as the wear layer is in the surface of the board down to the tongue and onto a solid oak board this could be around 5-6mm. The wear layer on engineered wood flooring is the upper layer of oak. So in the event that you obtain a engineered bamboo floor which has a 5-6mm solid oak top layer it will lead to the flooring lasting just as long. In conclusion if you would like a engineered floor that is going to last so long as a conventional solid oak floor then be sure it has a great thick top layer of wood, ideally 5mm+.

Laying the flooring is also another area that is worth considering when comparing both types of bamboo floor. The majority of engineered wood flooring are longer and wider than many solid pine boards because this is the look which most individuals are needing nowadays. The floors being longer and wider signifies the flooring is quicker to fit. Another aspect which makes this floor easier and quicker to fit is the way nicely trapping the boards really are. From our experience in the flooring business we have had nothing but great feedback regarding how easy our engineered floors was supposed to lay, and this is down to how well machined the planks are. Given that engineered flooring is much quicker and easier to fit, any extra cash that is spent on buying an engineered oak floor is often paid in the time that is saved fitting it! That is something to keep in mind when comparing prices.

The final benefit of engineered hardwood floors over solid oak flooring that I am gong to mention is the way an engineered oak floor is more environmentally friendly. The plywood that is used is composed of fast growing softwoods which are plentiful and this is exactly what the under side of our engineered wood flooring is built of.

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